Man smacks a racial woman on the NY subway, Video goes viral


Four people were arrested after an incident involving a man hitting a woman on a New York subway train descended into an all-out brawl between male and female passengers.

Dramatic video footage of the clash, entitled ‘Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway’, went viral on YouTube.

It had been viewed over 15 million times.


It opens with Danay Howard, 21, taunting Jorge Pena, 25, about the leather jacket he is wearing.

“You got a bum ass eight ball jacket that came out in 1990,” Howard can be heard saying to Pena before telling him to “just get your money up, simple” as her friends make encouraging noises and clap in the background.

The man filming the incident catches the attention of the woman’s friends, who jump up and try to knock the phone out of his hand. Howard then forcefully knocks it to the floor twice but despite this, he continues to film.

Pena initially smiles and nods as she berates him, but the situation descends into chaos when a male voice is heard calling Howard a “f****** dirty b****” to which she repeatedly asks: “What did you call me?”