Here’s The Bridge That Gives Drivers Panic Attacks When They Go Over It


In just about every part of the world, there are scary stretches of road that become infamous among the local people.


Some roads are dark and winding so that you can’t see oncoming cars until it’s too late.

Other roads are suspended on the edge of steep mountains or cliffs. Such roads require skill and close attention to avoid tragedies.


There are many varied examples of these hazardous and frightening roads, but it is unlikely that you have encountered anything as perilous and panic-inducing as this particular road in Japan.

This road in Sakaiminato Japan is known as the “Roller Coaster Bridge.”

It is a very steep and sudden drop that is very similar to what one might expect on a thrilling roller coaster ride.

It was constructed this way in order to provide enough clearance for heavy boat traffic over a river.

The bridge had to be suspended extremely high in the air in order to allow the tallest types of ships to pass underneath.

Drivers of the high bridge have to ascend a very steep ramp, then take a terrifying plunge on the other side when the road comes back down again.

The bridge almost resembles a structure that has been broken in half by a Godzilla rampage.

Just looking at the image in a picture makes your stomach churn, so it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to actually drive over it.

Despite how scary it looks, the bridge is actually strangely beautiful, and it is a great feat of engineering.

Local transportation authorities ensure the public that the bridge is completely safe.

Despite the appearance of the bridge, this claim is actually correct if you examine the accident history of this stretch of road because not a single accident has happened so far.

This bridge is not only safe, but it’s also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

People come from all parts of the world to drive on this bridge in order to experience a road that is truly similar to a roller coaster ride.