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10-Year-Old Pulls Black Glasses From Box, But When He Puts Them On, He Bursts Into Tears


Birthday is one of the occasions worth celebrating for because it signifies that another year has been unfolded in a person’s life. Birthday is also best celebrated when it is coupled with heartfelt and sincere birthday gifts.


For most children, birthday means cake, toys, confetti and having friends running around.

The truth is there is no such thing as a traditional birthday; whatever makes a great day for your child is all that matters. This video will definitely melt your heart. It will make us realize how much we take for granted every day, from our health, to even our sight capabilities.


This is the emotional moment a 10-year-old boy sees color for the very first time, thanks to a pair of ‘miracle’ glasses. These glasses were designed to help color-blind people see colors.

Can you imagine living a life without experiencing all the colors the world has to offer? Luckily for Xavier, he turned 10 right in the nick of time – science has made invaluable progress in helping people see color. His aunt Celena took him to the best place to give him his present.

You can see that this boy was excited to get these on as soon as he got the box. Right from the get go, you can hear the excitement in his voice when he pulls out the box. No amounts of excitement could have prepared him for what was about to happen. You can see the emotion wash across his face during this beautiful moment shared with family.

Don’t let us spoil the impression, check out this incredible moment when the young boy sees color for the first time yourself.

Happy birthday, Xavier!

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