She’s Having Her Boyfriend Feed Her Through A Funnel So She Can Become The Fattest On Earth


This is Monica Riley, 27, and she weighs 700 pounds. She has one goal in life – to become the world’s heaviest woman.


Riley only needs to gain 300 more pounds to earn that title.

To earn a living, Riley works on Super-Sized Big Beautiful websites where men actually pay money to watch her consume mass quantities of food.


Monica’s boyfriend, Sid Riley is helping her. Monica takes in 8,000 calories each day!

Sid holds the funnel to give her a milkshake that is 3,500 calories. My mind is blown.

Television ads are all touting the newest weight loss plans, and Riley is trying to gain weight?

Doesn’t she realize that it is bad for her health?

Take a look at this video

Monica eats a gallon of ice cream, four double cheeseburgers, 30 chicken nuggets, and two weight gain shakes a day.

To top it all off, Riley and Sid are trying to get pregnant.

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