Real Life

Street Kid Approaches A Car To Beg For Cash, Then Bursts Into Tears When He Looked Inside


Meet John Thuo, one of the many homeless kids living in Nairobi, Kenya who have a heart of gold despite his appearance and social status.


Being homeless and left nowhere to go, John has to resort to begging for money on the streets – often pleading his case to car owners and passengers.

One day, he came across a woman named Gladys Kamande, who has a pair of collapsed lungs thus her arsenal consisting of an oxygen concentrator, two oxygen cylinders, as well as a generator are essential for her to breathe.


Gladys is also blind, as John learns – he felt so sorry for her that he started to cry, and was photographed in doing so. He also gave her whatever he had left on that day!

The story went viral – and Gladys now has enough money to receive proper medical treatment! Also, John is now happily living a new life and getting the education he needed – thanks to Gladys!

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