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People Are Lining Up To Get A Massage From Real Live Snakes


Ophidiophobia, otherwise known as a fear of snakes, is one of the most common phobias in the world.


Since we often view them as dangerous creatures, with venom or bone-crushing strength, it’s no surprise that so many people are terrified of them.

This is why it might surprise you to know that snake massages are a common practice in many parts of the world.


Yes, that’s right. Having a snake on your body, massaging you, scales, slithering tongue, and all.

It might already be a shocker to know about the hundreds of people who keep snakes as pets, but to pay to have them on your body is a whole different story.

Plenty of cultures have long associated snakes with various healing properties, and there are many individuals who claim today that massages from these reptiles have a slew of health benefits to go with them.

As such, snake massages have become quite a trend worldwide.

Snake priestesses are the people who supervise snake massages, and they are done with non-venomous snakes.

One common example of these are boa constrictors, otherwise known as the largest snakes in the world, and quite famous for swallowing prey whole.

These priestesses will guide the long reptiles along the body, usually choosing about three or four of them to be released onto the person being massaged.

These snakes will then slither around the skin of that person, often stopping to wrap themselves around their arms and feet, or even around their head or neck.

According to a snake priestess named Serpentessa who works at a massage parlor known as Dreaming Goddess, located in New York, being massaged by a snake is sensual bliss for many clients.

She also states that the massages can help to stimulate the vagus nerves in the body while toning them, allowing for an increased release of positive hormones, like oxytocin and endorphins, in the body.

They’re a great aid to reduce anxiety – or so they say.

But snake massages aren’t just believed to have emotional benefits.

Apparently, they can also help boost blood circulation, thus improving the flow of blood to the heart.

They can also bring blood pressure levels down, and all these benefits combined fight the risk of contracting heart disease.

Serpentessa has also had clients contact her for assistance in overcoming their fear of these reptiles, and often, they also reach out for empowerment and healing.

And, according to a number of clients, these massages have positive effects! Some customers say the massage feels like getting giant hugs.

Others are surprised by how calming and peaceful the massage is for them, almost to the point where they could fall asleep.

Naturally, there is a danger to being massaged by a wild animal, and even Serpentessa can attest to that.

She has been an interspecies facilitator for 25 years and this experience has taught her a lot.

She states that there is no one out there who can absolutely guarantee the safety of a client during a snake massage, as there’s no way to be 100% sure with a wild animal.

Still, her own boa constrictors have never harmed anyone.

Of course, all snake priestesses work hard to make sure that both the snakes and their clients are as safe and comfortable as possible for the best experiences.

Snakes are never forced to work, so at least they have employee rights!