Are Angels Watching Over Us? Here Are 10 Pictures That Prove It


In times of severe duress and stress, we are bound to ask if there really is some higher power looking out for us and our well-being.


Surely, a being who loves us and cares for us will never let us suffer like this in good conscience, right?

The thing is, we don’t seem to realize is that not all divine interference or help will always be flashy or obvious.


Sometimes it is just a kind word you never knew you needed from a friend that gets you through another day.

Other times, it’s just things lining up perfectly so you have one more short or the little extra time you need.

That said, all those really work if you are willing to look out for them. But even so, they can be easily explained away as coincidences, or luck.

Maybe you need some kind of proof, a sign of some sort, that there really is some divine being out there who has your best interests in mind.

In that case, perhaps these incredible photos will help assuage your disbelief and calm your fears.

1. Ever wondered how you could have possibly survived the impossible? Glen Thorman, a fire chief, probably did until he saw this glowing silhouette that was captured by his home’s motion sensor-based security camera.

2. The world for seven-year-old boy Aasher is always going to be a hard one. Based on this photo the boy took while flying with his mom, however, it looks like he has a guardian angel to watch out for him!

3. We all know that we have angels watching over us, but have you ever wondered what your guardian angel may look like?

4. Every now and then we look to the skies and catch a glimpse of the heavens and the angels in it – this is one of them.

5. This sight is a reminder of the sheer strength of those watching over us, and how they will always be stronger than our fears.

6. This particular cloud adds a whole new meaning to the term “lend a hand.” We all know that the divine is always ready to reach out to us and to help us, but this cannot be any more clear in this shot!

7. This has got to be some spiritual figure hanging out in the sky – especially since it only become brighter after the sun came out!

8. If you were checking out the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, then you may have gotten lucky in seeing this sight – it looks like the heavens themselves are opening up to welcome you!

9. Now this one is hard to miss. While driving down a highway, a Texan couple were greeted with this massive cloud in the distance – an angel watching over their journey, perhaps?

10. It’s hard to appreciate what’s going on in this photo itself without seeing the video first.

In the original video, you could see that there is a figure moving across the surface of the cloud – even though the cloud itself was completely still. Perhaps there is someone up there, pacing back and forth as they worry about you!

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