2-Year-Old Girl Dies After Mom’s Boyfriend Performs ‘Wrestling Moves’


Most adults know that children are not the same as adults emotionally, intellectually and physically – children are not the same as adults. Children can’t be treated the same as adults.


When you are playing games with kids, you do need to be careful.

In Missouri, Richard Gamache Jr., 24, wasn’t careful when he performed “wrestling moves” on Addie, a two-year-old girl.


As a result, Addie died.

According to KTVI, Gamache even performed the “Batista Bomb” on the toddler, which is when a person is lifted by the waist, flipped, so they are sitting on your shoulders, and then slammed to
the ground on their back.

What person would do that to a two-year-old?

After suffering seizures, Addie was taken to the hospital, there were obvious signs of physical trauma from the ‘game’ Gamache had played with her.

Gamache was arrested and charged with neglect and abuse of a child.

Addie’s mother, Cheyenne Cook, 19, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Gamache had abused Addies over a period of time, and Cook never tried to stop it.

Sheriff David Marshak said that Addie was basically tortured and that the couple exchanged text messages about how they would cover up the abuse.

Initially, Gamache claimed he didn’t know how Addie had gotten the injuries, later he admitted that he wrestled with her.

A GoFundMe page was started by Addie’s grandfather, on the page he warned people about leaving children with people you don’t know.

Rest in Peace, sweet angel.

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