Mom Didn’t Notice Her Toddler Fell In A Pot Of Boiling Water Because She Was Busy With Laundry


While his mother was doing household chores, her son, 2, accidentally fell into a pot of boiling water. While doctors initially thought they might be able to save the life of the little boy, Ivan Maletych, their best efforts proved useless as he passed away ten days after the horrible accident.


The tragedy happened while his mother Ivanna was preparing to wash clothes – and now she blames herself for the mistake that resulted in the death of her beloved son.

After the boy fell into the pot of boiling water, his mother had him rushed to the local hospital from her village in Susidovychi in southern Ukraine’s Lviv Oblast region.


For ten days, the little toddler clung to life trying to fight and survive despite having 70 percent of his body severely burned.

The little boy was going to be taken across the Atlantic Ocean to Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts, so he could receive the best care available throughout the world. However, the morning of the planned trip, his health took a turn for the worst. His immune system started to fail, and the little boy died.

After fighting for his life for ten days, his mother Ivanna Maletych said that Ivan passed away at 2:45 am. And now she blames herself for the boy’s tragic death.

Meanwhile, the head of the Lviv Burn Center hospital, Dr. Vasyl Savchyn (pictured above), was there to treat Ivan.

“The boy had a critically low level of white blood cells and his immune system shut down,” Savchyn said.

In a statement to the local media, Ivanna said: “My little son Ivan has gone. He died today at 2:45 am.”

It was a tragic loss for his mother as well as for everyone who helped treat him during his stay in the hospital.

Dr. Gennadly Fuzailov from the Boston hospital also lamented the tragic loss of the little boy.

“The boy had 5 percent chances of survival in Ukraine. If he had been transported to us in the first days after the incident, he could have had 30 percent.”

Although Ivan’s chances of living were six times better in Boston, they were still not very good. That’s because the boy fell into a 40-liter cooking pot of boiling water and was severely burned.

His mother said, “Ivan was playing in the house while his elder brother was watching cartoons. I think he entered the kitchen and accidentally fell into the cooking pot of boiling water. My husband was in the courtyard near the house. He heard screams and rushed to our son.”

As her husband rushed into the kitchen, he found Ivan in a state of distress and tried to wash him with cold water. He was rushed to the hospital shortly after that. He received fourth-degree burns around 70 percent of his body. In other words, the burns were so bad that they affected the tissue under little Ivan’s skin, like his muscles, tendons, and bones.

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