His Trauma Was So Deep, He Urinated Over & Over, Experts Said He’d Never Get A Home


A terrified dog was rescued from a horrible state. His name is Otto.


Otto’s body was in such a state of shock that he could hardly move.

The care team had to pull him out of his crate. But no worries, they were very gentle.


The pup was so terrified that he peed himself.

Still, he laid in his urine unable to make his body respond. Such severe shock is not often seen.

However, despite his fears, his new caregivers had every intention of taking on his fight— and they did.

First, they had to medically assess him. This wasn’t easy since his body was so stiff.

They rolled him over gently. The fear in his eyes as he refused to make eye contact was so incredibly sad.

He continued to urinate over and over again. This extreme fear broke the rescuers’ hearts.