Man “Rescues” Stray Pup, Tosses Him Over A Tall Fence When He Doesn’t Like The Pup


A very upsetting video has surfaced from Lincoln, Nebraska, showing a man shamelessly tossing a puppy over a very tall fence.


This video has now been brought to the attention of cops, and they are now looking for any information that could help arrest the man.


In this video, the man is seen getting out of his car with the puppy clutched to his side.

He then sprints across the open field in a hurry and sneakily tosses the tiny puppy from the dangerous height. He comes back to the car and flees the scene.

The condition of the puppy is not known. Let’s share this story and help in the identification of this vile man. Spread the word.

Update: The cops have arrested 19-year-old Ernesto Zuniga in this case and on outstanding warrants of animal cruelty. He has now been cited for endangering the life of the puppy and leaving him without food or water. Ernesto says that the video was taken in June, when he and his friend had picked up the puppy from the street. Later, he didn’t want the puppy anymore, so he proceeded to dump him.

During the investigations, it was found that the family whose yard the puppy was dropped in rescued him. The pooch later found his way to Capital Humane Society, and has been adopted too! We are relieved that the kind family ensured the poor puppy’s safety.

Click HEERE to watch the footage of Ernesto sneakily dumping the puppy.

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