They Walked Past Dying Puppy On Street In Front Of Them As If He Didn’t Exist


Seeing a helpless animal suffering in pain is something that’s etched into your brain forever.


But when this puppy was hit by a car, no one stopped to help him. How could passersby just go about their day like that?


Thankfully, a rescue group in Thailand got a call when someone finally gave a damn about the helpless puppy and reached out to them.

The volunteers from the pagoda raced to the scene.

As he lay there, totally helpless, their hearts broke! He was in dire need of medical assistance yet no one went out of their way for him. How could they be so cruel?!

The puppy, besides being injured, was starving! So they fed him immediately. Even in pain, he ate eagerly. He couldn’t even sit up but he devoured the food. Makes you wonder just how long it had been since he had anything to eat.